Logical Minded & Creative Hearted, I help companies around the world build amazing websites and services that are simple, beautiful and user-friendly.


Web Development

I build up high performance sites with blazing fast speed, which gets good impression.

UI/UX Designing

I do ui/ux design for the website that assists website to get an outstanding look.

Instagram Content

I create web development content on instagram, which help enhance your coding skills.

My Stats


Projects done

I worked on more than 16+ projects. I know how to make things fascinating and eye-catching.


Instagram Posts

I create web dev content on instagram, which help enhance your coding skills with projects.


Instagram Followers

Great Community of 35K Developers together building their facinating stories.


Hi! This is DAKSH

Web Developer

Website Developer who specializes in developing websites and web apps, but I also can develop your future beautiful and smooth website. I excel in working hard and smart in order to bring a high quality and beautiful web experience.

It's my passion to hear my clients problems and successfully implement creative and performant solutions, along with a clean user interface converting it in a rich and useful web application with high conversion rate.

I have always had an attraction toward puzzles and challenging projects, so feel free to contact me with your ingenious and ambitious idea!


JavaScipt Notes App

Online notes app with local storage.

I made this application for storing notes online in your browser using local storage. This application is truly Amazing.

Fetch API Quote Generator

Awesome Fetch API Project for learning.

I had an idea of building random quote generator and found an API which can make it possible without long ass code.

Linktree Clone

A website for featuring!

Piranz is one of the famous music composer in UAE. The challenge was to keep the music environment in the web. It was hard but in the end we provided a good quality website that satisfied the client.