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  • What I learn't

  • I learn't Web Development

    2020 - April

    I learn't Web Development. By the pleasure of, Stackoverflow, Udemy, and many of the blogs and website. Thanks to my father who never stopped me to learn anything!

  • I also learn't ReactJS

    2020 - June

    After learning the Static Web Development I guess i should try React And Gatsby as i loved Front-End. Now with the help of ReactJS i can Develop Web Apps and Dynamic Web Development.

  • After that I Learn't Wordpress

    2020 - July

    And then after Learning and Practicing ReactJS, I Learn't Wordpress Making websites and Blogs in Wordpress, Which is the best content management system Built using PHP!
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  • Experience

  • Founder and CEO -

    2020 - August

    After i got Good Experiance in Website Development Started an Website Which was my Dream to not earn, But help people start their Online Business with my team

  • UX/UI Designer

    2020 - September

    As I Loved Front-End Design And Development I also learn't UI/UX Designing. I learn't all Design with the pleasure of ,, YouTube , Instagram From All this I took Inspiration to Design Apps and Websites

  • I am a Website, Web App Developer at - MysteriousCoding

    2020 - October

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